Worship is a big part of who we are. As Pentecostals our worship is informal and relaxed. We follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and sometimes He will lead the service in a different direction. So how is God changing our worship? I don't know that He is changing worship so much as He is changing the worshippers. Worship is taking on a deeper meaning for many of us and the quality of our personal worship seems to have more value. I don't get nearly as many complaints about worship as I use to. Now I hear more compliments about it. We didn't change worship, worship is now changing us!

One of the things that God has put upon my heart to do is raise up worship leaders. After doing this for over 21 years God really wants me to share what I know with others so they can do it too. It doesn't take someone with a professionally trained vocal talent or have a great knowledge of music to do this. It takes someone called and wiling to lead people into the presence of God. Also, just within the last few days, Tom Rogers approached me about needing some help with worship at his Sunday afternoon service he has started in Jensen Beach (I will blog more about that later).

So how is worship changing you? Is God calling you to lead worship? Comment or email me with your ideas?