Why don't we have fun?

Alright I am going to show my age here. I can remember when it was a sin to go to the movies or to the school dance. I can remember the gas crisis of the 70's and the big hair of the 80's. I remember when it was cool to listen to disco. I remember when I saw a kid smoking marijuana at school lose his mind when he laced it with angel dust. I remember being the smallest kid in school (everyone say awwww!) and getting the living daylights pounded out of me. I remember watching my friends get hooked on drugs, other friends (who were girls) becoming prostitutes. I remember watching families fall apart for one reason or another. I remember friends and acquaintances contract mysterious diseases which they died from (now they call it AIDS). I remember when the KKK made their first public appearance in over 50 years in my home town. I remember wondering if the world was going to end before the year 2000. (LOL) What got me through it all? My home church in Rogers, Arkansas. Rogers First Assembly of God. It was a serious place to learn about God, but it was a fun place to make friends and build relationships. I know some people who want to make church either one or the other. But it cannot be that way. Jesus was serious but He told jokes too. Learn about Jesus but make a friend. 1a/g was a great place where I felt safe and could depressurize from the world. I am glad that I can remember that!