What is Your Glory Within?

In Zech 2:4 Jesus says that He will be a will of fire and the glory within Jerusalem. Obviously this is a prophetic statement to a Jerusalem during the millenieal reign. But it got me to thinking, "What is Your Glory Within?" For Jews, the glory within Jerusalem is its people, the temple, it's culture and heritage. But it isn't away going to be that way. There is a day coming when Jesus is going to be it's glory from within!

Who are you from the inside out? When people look at you what do they see? What is your passion from within? What is it that you do and say that let's people see inside your soul? Jesus said in Matthew 12:34(b) that from the abundance of our mouths the heart speaks. Keeping the main the, the main thing is harder that it looks. There are so many distractions to our lives that keep our attention off of Jesus - so let's see what we can do about that. Remember.....

... where you end is where Jesus begins. We pray for God to fill the cup when if fact He will make it overflow.

... pain is a process not the product. Pain is never the end, but only a part of what is happening. Don't focus on the pain - focus on the healer!

... the world doesn't love Jesus. But they sure do love what He does. Whatever you do, do to the glory of God.

... the devil is in the details. Minor issues must be kept in focus by the major theme. Or the minor issues will become the major theme.