Small = Better

In the land where bigger is better - we have to think smaller is better. Two areas have been on my heart for quite some time. But trying to improve their influence and raise their value has been a struggle. That is discipleship and small groups. For years we built bigger churches to hold the big crowds and do the big events. Now we have mega churches, who for the most part don't have huge sanctuarys, just multiple services, off site campuses and small group ministries. The difference is that the latter is building small communities that care for and teach one another the truths of God's Word as it relates to everyday life.

So how is FFWC changing? This September I am going to do a month long series entitled, "Feed Yourself" At which time, we desire to launch a new and updated Sunday School, 2 faithSKILLS series and even a home group for small group studies. I have been approached by a couple of people who would like to open their homes for such a adventure. What's the goal here? #1 Care. People in small groups care about the people in their small group. Your not alone any more in life, you have people who will love and help you through whatever. #2 Discipleship. Learning the truths of Jesus Word's that bring life and hope to you, your family and this church? I believe that God is changing our hearts and that our hunger for His Word in ever increasing in our lives.

So how do you fit in? Ready to learn? Do you want to facilitate a small group of your own at work or where you live? Comment or email me with your thoughts.