Lighten up will ya!

I was recently reminded of someone who takes life very seriously all the time. Everything about their life was a BIG deal ALL the time! Every little nuance was EPIC! Get the picture? Now I know people who live their lives right out in front of everyone. What you see is what you get. What's the difference? The epic has no room for anyone else's life, unless of course you make their life the center of yours. It's a form of control. These people know everything about everything. In reality they know little about anything. People who live their lives out loud for you to see and experience don't rely on your attention to feed their need for self worth. The epic will be your friend until you disagree with them. They send you on you way, "After all they really don't want my help." The person who isn't afraid of life isn't afraid of you either. But they don't take rejection personally. They don't want to control your life, they want to enjoy it. They laugh, play and sometimes they are silly. They live and know the joy of the Lord. Yes, they have their moments when they are serious but they love to live!! Who would you rather hang around? Who are you hanging around with? If you are changing your life to fit the desires of another - why? The only person who have to do that for is Jesus and He is a lot of fun to hang around with.