Ladder to Success

I am at presbytery today and as we do at each June meeting we credential new ministers and advance others. This involves a 1 to 2 hour credentialing seminar. Today, District Secretary Steve Powell shared this with us.

This of each of these points as a rung in a ladder leading you to success.

#1 Think right kind of thoughts. Phil. 4:8 tells you what you should be thinking on. Don't focus on the negative and don't loose perspective on the positive.
#2 Say the right kind of words. Eph. 4:29 - Be an encourager and hang out with encourager's.
#3 Be specific in goal setting. Both in long and short term goals.
#4 Be responsible for the decision that you make.
#5 Seek the right kind of friends.
#6 Take hurts, pains and setbacks and turn them into your strengths. Don't waste tough times.
#7 Go the second mile. Don't allow yourself a sense of entitlement.
#8 Never give up and don't' quit.
#9 Character Still Counts.
#10 Live life by faith phenomenas.