Keep A Lid On It

In Zech. 5 we read about a woman in a basket and that she is confined by an lead lid. How the basket and is carried away to Babylon and there the woman will reside. The woman represents sin and Babylon represents the home of sin. In the book of Revelation Babylon is the home of the godless worldly system that is run by Satan.

I am especially impressed by the angels action against the woman. He lifts the lid then puts it over her mouth. There is nothing that the woman has to say that is worth hearing. She cannot speak the truth unless of course it is to her favor. Her mission is to convert everything she meets over to her way of doing things. She is sly, crafty, sneaky, underhanded, slithering snake in the grass type of con artist that doesn't care about you or anything that you love. She wants to torment, posses, overwhelm and destroy everything you have, everything you love and then you for the duration of eternity.

Bottom line, do yourself a favor. Keep a lid on it!