I've Joined Facebook

I finally broke down and did it. I got a facebook page. I've struggled for months whether or not to do this. I really didn't like myspace and Shoutlife just couldn't get the job done either. However, this thing should come with a surgeon generals warning. "Joining facebook will cause you to have flashbacks to your adolesence and early adulthood. You will be forced to find your old yearbooks and you will be challenged to remember people whom you haven't seen in a long time." I am not joking. If I had known this earlier, I wouldn't have done this.

A few days after I joined facebook someone asked me to be their friend. (That's how you network on facebook) I looked at the name. I looked at their face. I don't have a clue. This person thinks that they went to high school with me. High School! Ouch! Oh the flashbacks! Oh the pain! I got my senior high school yearbook out. More flashbacks! More pain! I studied names and faces. Nope! Nothing! I took into account that we live in the 21st century. She could have been a he. Names have changed because they are in a witness protection program. You know, that stuff. Then the 2nd salvo hits. A name I haven't heard since college. They want to be my friend! Hold it. Were they my friend in college? If they were my friend then why haven't they called or written me in over 20 years? So what did I do?

Sorry! Whoever you are out in the state of Washington! Nothing personal, but I cannot remember you, find you or think that I have ever known you. (If you read this please feel free to email me and refresh my high school memories.) So no, your not going to be my friend. To my other flashback from college, yes you can be my friend! I do remember you! Besides I only have 16 friends on facebook and I am looking rather pathetic right now. Will YOU be my friend!?!