"Prayer changes things." I cannot remember the first time I heard that phrase. But it has stuck with me ever since. How is prayer changing at FFWC? It's becoming more personal and more intensive. When we pray it shakes things up. When we don't pray, we get shaken up. There seems to be a kind of laser beam focus to our prayers, they hit the target every time. It is an awesome thing to see and experience.

The iPray Team is something that I came across a few weeks ago. These are people who regardless of whatever else they do, when asked they will say, "I Pray". People called to pray and fast. People who believe that God can and should change things. People who will call out your name and intercede on your behalf. So who of you can say that you are called to pray? One idea that someone asked me to consider was using the sanctuary, during the Sunday School hour, for prayer. One or two people who will intercede on behalf the leadership, the service and the church. Who of you would like to pray? Email or comment away - i would love to hear from you?


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