I Remember When . . .

I remember when Pastors and staff did everything they could to not live in a glass house. Everybody knew what their pastor and his family did and when they did it whether the they liked it or not. (Most of the time - not.) Now there is something called Twitter. If you don't know what it is, it's micro blogging. From either your computer or texting device you enter up to 140 characters at a time. Letting people know what you are doing at any given moment. I haven't done this yet, Betty twitters about one or twice a day on her Facebook. But there are other people who do it a dozen or more times a day. Interesting? Sometimes they twitter stuff that make no sense to me. Other times I read stuff that is so relevant that it causes me to pray. For example. A friend of mine was at the hospital, sitting with his dad who was being prepped for surgery. Have we come full circle? As a culture that once enjoyed block parties and sitting on front porches then moved to secluded neighborhoods who sit in the back yards behind our privacy fences - have we found a virtual front porch? Comments? Do you Twitter?


Betty said…
YES! I twitter, and love it! I love to see what others write. I love writing about what I am doing, and having others comment on it. I have to say that 99% of the time it is just for fun, and fun it is! However, everyone once in a while I come across a twitter that is being used as a weapon to hurt someone. When this happens it is still called a twitter, but God calls this deceptive weapon....gossip! It is used to tear someone down.

If you begin to twitter, remember that the tongue...er...or...in this case, your fingers will become a blessing, or a curse. Let's be a blessing today!!