Follow God

Some of you have heard me say, "Find out what God is doing and get on board with it." I consider this statement to be the opposite of "Lord, bless my mess." There is nothing wrong with having goals and plans to achieve those goals. But if there is anything that I have learned over time is this. God will determine what those goals are - and even when I am doing my best to follow Him, He will lead me to do something I didn't even consider or even believe would be possible at that point and time.

Now I say all of this to prepare you for my next statement. God is changing FFWC! Now I would speculate on the how's and why's but suffice to say, God is doing something and we need to make sure that we are on board with it! This I will speak to the rest of this week - so check back often - I have a feeling I will be blogging a lot this week.

What is God doing in your life and what are you doing to get on board with it?

Anneka update: Other than the fact that she has a lousy bedside manner this morning, she is doing much, much better! Thank you for all your prayer and patience with us as we survived this. I'm thinking of having t-shirts made up says, "I survived the great puke and poop fest of 08." I'm taking orders now!


Betty said…
Do I qualify for a free t-shirt????