Fight the Good Fight

Paul tells Timothy to fight the good fight of faith. (1 Tim 6:12) I don't like to fight. Fighting seems to me to be a bad thing. Where there is a fight, someone is going to get hurt. But then Paul tells us to fight the good fight. Is there such a thing as a good fight? The only fight I know that is good is the one I'm going to win. So the choices are, don't fight, fight to lose or fight to win. Well the middle option isn't a option is it. What's the point if you're going to lose. So it narrows our choices down to one or the other.

Now I have preached before that God has a plan for us and that Satan has a plan for us also. We assume that they both involve a fight. News Flash! Satan doesn't want to fight you! He will lose! Satan doesn't want you to do a thing. He doesn't want you to fight, pray, give, serve, worship, believe or have hope. As long as He can get you not to fight, he wins.

People often ask me, "Why don't people do more in church?" Christians and sinners both ask me that question. (Believe me the later is quite uncomfortable.) Well the answer is clear now. They don't fight the good fight of faith. It isn't that people are lazy, it's that their focus isn't on Jesus. Here is an interesting fact. People fight everyday to stave off poverty, sickness, death, divorce and a host of other "troubles' that could come and destroy ones life. Jesus said, In Matthew 6:33 that if we would seek Him FIRST, then all these things would be added to us as well. Fight the good fight of faith - and you don't have to fight all the other "demons" life has to offer.