Fashion Faux Pas

Have you ever watched red carpet events for movie premiers or those award shows? Then as you are watching person after person walk up the red carpet someone stands out like a sore thumb? You wonder to yourself, "Did you dress yourself in the dark or what?" Your begging the fashion police to come a do something!

When we stand before God, we don't want to make a faux paux like that. The tragic truth is, we will. In Zech. 3 the high priest, Joshua is standing before God in dirty clothes. As a result, Satan was standing there accusing Joshua of ever sin he had committed. (Satan has a good record keeping system) So God becomes the fashion police and fixes the problem. He puts a new set of clothes on Joshua.

So what are you wearing before God today? At the end of the chapter there is a prophecy about how Jesus is going to come and put on our dirty clothes and then die in them. Thus, we will never have to wear our sinful clothes ever again. There is no reason to make a fashion faux paux in the throne room of God - the greatest Fashion Designer will dress us up - if we ask.