Integrity is a choice. Did you know that the most looked up word in the dictionary is the word integrity? Interesting to say the least, yet I believe is a sad statement about our society and culture we live in today. I have seen men and women who have made horrible mistakes in their lives. They were guilty and rightly so. How they reacted to their guilt was a matter of integrity. Hold it Pastor? If they had integrity then they wouldn't have made any mistakes! Well, yes that's the goal, but we all have fallen short and failed at one time or another. Haven't we?

I have seen men and women admit guilt with humility and shame. It was at that moment that they needed integrity the most. I have also seen people admit guilt with a cavalier heart and a sense of entitlement. Acts of integrity may be offered, but it's heart is missing. When we are guilt we need to lose something. It's the only way to deal with the guilt. The only way to get rid of our guilt once and for all is with integrity. To say, "I'm sorry." To tell the police officer, "Yes, I was speeding." To admit to your friends, "I'm ashamed." To say to Jesus with integrity, "I'm a sinner, please forgive me."