Celebrate the Small Stuff!

In Chapter 4 of Zech. it says, "Who despises the day of small things?" We tend to miss little, unimportant details. It isn't a sin, but a fact of life. We just don't notice everything. I do most of the driving in the family, not that Betty doesn't, but she prefers that I drive. So most places I go to I do so from the perspective of the drivers seat. On occasion I will ask her to drive and while going somewhere I've been a hundred times, I see something that I have never seen before. I am in the passenger seat and it's a totally different world over there.

In Zech. 4 Zerubabbel is going to take the plumb line out and mark off where the temple is going to be rebuilt. You've seen surveyors go out in a field, plant stakes with the little orange flags. Same thing. God said that men will rejoice when Zerubabble does this. Now I can't recall of a party going on in the middle of an empty field while a couple of guys are pounding stakes in the ground.

Has God pulled the plumb line out in your life and started to stake off an area just for Him? Celebrate! We worry so much about what God is going to do that we fail to see what He is doing through His character. When you understand God's heart towards you then you will understand that whatever is happening to going to turn out good for you and Him both! Celebrate the small stuff everyday and thank God that He is doing something in your life.