Wives Submit!

I've heard those words uttered by neanderthal husbands and it makes my skin crawl. I'm thinking, "You don't get it, but if you keep it up - you gonna get it!" The abuse of this phrase is usually justified by 1 Peter 3:1-7. So let's set the record straight.

1) The operative word in verse 1 is "so". Submission has a purpose, to lead others to salvation.
2) God calls wives to be "Servant Leaders" For the record, servant leadership is the most powerful and productive form of leadership that is known to mankind.
3) Purity and reverence is the keys to leadership. Not surprising that even in the world today honesty and valuing others is considered to be the highest qualities people look for in leadership.
4) In verse 3 being a "trophy wife" will get you no where. (Execpt maybe on the cover of People magazine.)
5) Inner beauty from a gentle and quite spirit (that doesn't mean you can't have a sense of humor and some spark in your personality) is valuable to God. For thousands of years this is the way women have made themselves beautiful.
6) Verse 6 is a BIG deal! Peter says, do the right thing and don't be afraid to do it!
7) Husbands are told to be considerate to their wives. Let's upgrade that. Be good to, remember them, don't leave them out of the marriage, treat them as good as you can and then some more!!
8) Men, weaker doesn't mean that they are weak. It just means that they shouldn't play in the NFL. Women have advantages that you don't have too!
9) A healthy marriage = a healthy prayer life. Get it?!?