Why Did I Do That?

Ever asked that question? I have, way to many times for me to remember. How is it we, as normal human beings, with a God given mind and ability to think clearly, can with reason and forethought do some of the stupid things we do? If you think that question is the secret to unlocking the universe, then today's your day! I'm going to answer the question. But before I do let's get a few things clear.

Some people revel in their mistakes. How many times have you observed someones actions or attitudes and think, "That's stupid" only to see someone else come along and praise their actions? There is a reason for this.

Sin is stupid and everyone said, (Say it out loud now!) AMEN! Thank God for His grace that not only forgives us from our sins, but protects us from having to live like a sinner! And this leads to the answer that unlocks your universe, (at least for today). In 1 Peter 3:14 Peter says, ..."do not fear what they fear, do not be frightened." Why do people do some of things that they do?Our of fear. We are afraid that we will not have enough money or food. So we cheat and steal. We are afraid that we will be alone or die alone. So we get into bad relationships or abuse the ones we already have. We are afraid that others will look down on us or that we will fail in some way. So we lie and give a version of truth that makes us look better than we are. See how it works?

So is being a afraid a sin? No - letting fear be the lord of your life is! That place is reserved for Jesus and Him alone. Faith cancels out fear and allows us to made tough decisions without having to fret and worry about it. When we focus on our world more than we do on Him - we will be afraid. In our fear, Satan sends others who will come and justify our fears and validate our "feelings". I'm not saying that our feelings are not real, but they cannot be the sole basis for making life changing decisions. If something your going through is stressing you, then Jesus said, pray about it! You will get answers and solutions to your needs.