What is Real?

The Vatican released an article that says it's ok to believe in aliens from outer space. China is going through its worst natural disaster since 1976 (another earthquake that killed over 225,000). Presidential hopefuls openly declare that their plans for our future are the best plans possible. All of these plans are different can all of them be good for us? Plastic use to be good for us, now it's bad? I didn't know I was leaving a carbon print everywhere I go, so does that mean someone with a BIG eraser is following me? (Isn't that stalking?)

Then I read 1 Peter 1:10-21 and the world is aligned again.

Vs. 10 - 12: We know what it feels like to be an Old Testament prophet. They preached a message that the Messiah was going to come and change the world as they knew it. The world thought they were crazy and treated them as such - but Jesus came and changed the world. Today we preach a message the Jesus is coming soon! When He does the world will change again! We get called crazy, again!

Vs. 13 - 16: CHECKLIST! Prepare for the trials of life, they will come - check. Do not be controlled by your passions - check. Don't give up, keep your hope in the good news about Jesus - check. Behave! Live according to His will - check! Remember, ignorance fosters worldly lust that is against God - check! Be holy, act holy, speak holy - check! Remember that holiness is only through Jesus' sacrifice - not works - check.

Vs. 17 - 21: BOTTOM LINE! Before the world was created, Jesus knew that He was going to sacrifice His life for mankind. The world, from generation to generation has handed down a way of life that is hopeless. But Jesus' blood, which is more valuable than gold or silver, bought us away from hoplessness to give us hope!