To the north and the south

For those of you who have kids in St. Lucie County, especially 8th graders, you want to pay attention to this. " Eight graders in St. Lucie County schools will see a controversial sex ed video in the classroom. That decision was made last night by the St. Lucie County School Board. In the video, a doctor tells kids about the importance of abstinence but also shows a non-graphic demonstration of the proper use of a condom. This, in an effort to protect sexually active kids from HIV and other STD's. Individual Parents can request that their kids don't see the video."

For those of you who have kids in Palm Beach County, expecially 6th graders, pay attention. "...local sixth graders now know about the birds and the bees and then some. A controversial graphic sex ed class started today in Palm Beach County Schools. Most of the parents we spoke with today seemed to understand the reality of what their kids are seeing and hearing. And most of them say they'd rather be safe than sorry.... Before today, sixth graders were taught only about abstinence. But many parents say if the students don't learn about sex in the class room, they'll learn about it some place else and they might get the wrong information."

You can read both stories here.

So what do you think? Do we just let the school system do all the work and teach our children sex ed/ how to have safe sex? And if parents are worried about kids getting the wrong information, why don't they give their children the right information? Is it right for a educational system that is dedicated to being amoral to teach children the morals of sexuality? What are your thoughts?


Betty said…
One MORE reason we chose to homeschool our daughter!!