Sunday Evening Reflections

We had a great day today! We are still getting pledges in from this mornings "I Love My Church' Momentum Program so we will not be releasing any figures until Sunday!

Tim did a great job working on the yard Saturday! He is still planting trees! The guy is nuts! I love it!

Have a meeting tomorrow morning with Church Extension Plan - pray that all goes well!

I am exhausted! Looking forward to a productive week!

Betty really gave us some timely wisdom this morning. I hope that you got it and will do it. If you wasn't here or you would like a cd (we finally got our digital recorder working right) email me - I will be happy to get you your own copy.

Already looking forward to next Sunday! Marsha Wooley - she is going bless you again and again! We are going to celebrate Noahs graduation! Lunch after service! Turkey, Ham and Pork Loin. Bring a side dish!

Will let you know more this week as details make themselves clearer to me!

God Bless and have a great week for Jesus!