How many times have I heard a preacher say, "Don't live like the world!" I'm one of them, I'm sure! But the question is, "Do we know how the world lives?" Maybe a better question is, "Do we know how Christians are suppose to live?" We have all suffered and been frustrated because of someone elses naivety and/or ignorance about something, anything! An inexperienced driver who causes an accident, a well meaning co-worker who inadvertently makes a mess of a certain project, a spouse who was confident that they were doing the right thing at the time. We've all been there at one time or another.

So I'm reading 1 Peter 3, the section about suffering for doing good, and it dawns on me that the opposite is true. We also suffer for doing bad. Now before you say, "No duh, pastor, even I knew that." Think about this. Do you know the difference between good and bad? Take your time now and don't answer very quickly. Haven't we all made a mess out of something while trying to do good? We thought we were doing the right thing and in the end discovered it was very bad. "Oops, sorry, my bad!"

If we don't know how to live as Christians, then how are we going to live? Like the world, that's how. I believe that's why Peter tells us to live in harmony, have some sympathy, put yourself in another persons shoes, love each other, show some compassion and have some humility. With who? Each other, that's who!

When someone you know is making a mess, don't shoot them. Give them hope and lovingly admonish them to do the right thing, even though it may hurt. Remember this section of scripture is filed under, suffering!