Not that I am complaining. I can smell smoke, I see smoke, I smell like smoke. I can smell it when I work and while I sleep. I can taste it (yuk). I know what it feels like to be a smoked ham. My eyes burn. My throat burns. If you are working out in this stuff all day - my heart goes out to you - really! I hugged my daughter, she smells like old charcoal! I saw a guy walk out of Home Depot wearing a surgical mask. I don't blame him. I would probably put on some scuba gear if I had any! This pic above is what the sun looked like yesterday through the smoke and haze. I kid you not, I was thinking Book of Revelation stuff here! Whatever you do, don't ask anyone if it is smoky outside. You will be locked up for a psych evaluation. If you didn't notice before now, something is wrong with you! There is a chorus to one of our Praise and Worship songs we sing around here - "Let The Wind Blow" Just from a different direction like East! Nothings on fire out in the Atlantic - is there?


Betty said…
My sentiments exactly!!! **Cough**Cough** Choke**Air**I need some CLEAN air**