OK, suffering is a part of life. We got it! It's your choice whether you make it worth while or if your going to just suffer for your mistakes. Fear is a powerful motivator that will lead you to destruction. Faith is also powerful and will lead you to victory. We know people who live in fear and we know people who live in faith. The question is, what do you live in?

Isaiah 53:6 "We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us." As a teen on a farm I raised cattle. Cattle were smart enough to get out of a storm and out of the cold. They never wandered away from their food. They stayed in a herd for protection. They would get in the pond when it was too hot. You just didn't see cattle doing a lot of dumb things.

Sheep are quite stupid and need help. Sheep just keep their face to the ground eating and will wander from the rest of the herd. They are easily led to their own death, they just follow the rest of the flock. If one jumps off the cliff to its death, all of them will follow. They have no way of defending themselves. They are easy pickings for any predator that might come along. They will follow any voice they recognize and that can be a good or bad thing - depending on who they have been listening to. We are the sheep!!

Jesus said that He is the Good Shepherd. We must listen to His voice and do what He says. Even in the midst of danger, He knows what to do! Did your mom ever ask you, "If all your friends were to jump off a bridge, would you?" They real answer is, YES!! We're sheep! When fear has enslaved us all we can hear is the voice of this world telling us what we should do. That voice will lead you and everyone with you to their destruction! Hell is determined to destory you and it knows that fear is the key to your heart.

Quite your mind and your heart. Listen to Jesus. Get away from those who have been giving you "advise" and listen to Jesus! Listen to people who listen to Jesus - they will give you wisdom! Don't be afraid! Jesus loves you so much that even though you were going to act like a sheep He still wants to lead you into "green pastures", "still waters". He also will lead you through those dark places because His rod and staff (His will for our life and lifestyle). He will guide you through safely and successfully.