Now What?

OK Let's Review:
Never assume that everyone understands the difference between good and bad is.
Help people discover a lifetime of salvation is good and that fear is bad.
When fear is lord, then bad decisions will follow.
If your stressed out, pray and trust Jesus, not your feelings.

Remember that this section in 1 Peter 3 is about suffering! You can easily forget that while reading it. But Peter said that there would be suffering for doing the right thing! Our addiction to being comfortable sometimes overwhelms our ability to "take a hit and do the right thing."

There are two kinds of suffering that we are addressing here. We will suffer for our mistakes made in sin. This kind of suffering is expensive and damaging. It destroys ones hopes, dreams and future. It can ruin relationships, families and future generations. It makes a big mess of everything, get it?

The other kind of suffering doesn't do that at all. It hurts, but it doesn't destroy anything that you needed. You might lose your fear but it will be replaced with faith. This kind of suffering isn't designed to dash your hopes, it's designed to give you hope. It requires a faith and trust in God, that He is in charge of your life and that He knows what is going on right now. He does cares about how you feel, but He knows better than anyone what you need to be doing right here and right now.

Let me give an example. My daughter still takes naps. She thinks that it is a form of suffering. But when she does take a nap, the rest of her day improves dramatically! When she doesn't take a nap, she (and everyone else around her) suffers for it. When God asks us to do something tough, it's good for us and will improve our life dramatically! But when we rebel, we only hurt ourselves and those closest to us. More tomorrow!