My New Phrase

"Open Loops" that's it, my new phrase. What is a open loop? Have you ever committed yourself to do something personally or to someone else, but just haven't had the time to do it? We all have, it's called an open loop. Then, has your brain ever nagged you to do it until you just couldn't stand it anymore and you had to close the loop just to get some peace of mind? When we over commit ourselves, or in my case, life pulls up to your door and dumps and truck load of stuff at your feet, you can go nuts over these open loops.

Where did I get the phrase? A book entitled, Getting Things Done by David Allen. I've read a third of it so far and had to stop because these open loops were driving me crazy! I have a feeling that open loops also have a lot to do with why people miss church or quit coming. If we cannot be good stewards of our time as we should be with every area of our life, Satan can take advantage of this and tempt us to take care of these little matters first and then we can go to church later. Problem is, open loops never go away, do they?

What can you do? Here is a real spiritual answer. Write all your open loops down. Just sit down and write it all down. I did and it came to 5 pages of open loops, triple columned at 12 point type. I have issues!! My issues have issues!! But I feel better and my brain isn't screaming at me nearly as much as it was a few hours ago. By the way, your brain cannot tell time, that is why you have to use a clock. If you ever wondered why it is that your brain insists that you do something that can wait and wait to do something that should be done - that's why.