Mothers Day

For those of you new to the Jones story let me fill you in on a few details. Mother's Day is a BIG deal around here. You see, Betty was not able to have children for many years. Only through the grace of God's healing on her life was she able to have Anneka. So after we had been married 20 years she was pregnant. The joy of our life had arrived and we have been chasing the little squirt ever since. But is wasn't always this way.

Each Mothers Day my wife would cry. Not because other moms were celebrating their day - because she couldn't. All she wanted was her baby to hold in her arms. 20 Sunday's that honored mom come and went with little hope of every celebrating one of our own. Well God changed all of that and He gets all the glory for it. (Say Amen here!)

So today I get to celebrate Betty's 4th Mothers Day with her. Anneka and I will do our best to spoil her a little today and tomorrow. I get to team preach with her today for the first time ever. (This ought to be fun!) And we get to see her smile a GREAT BIG smile as her daughter rushes up into her arms and says, "Happy Mothers Day Mommy!"