Are you a pilgrim?

I've started reading 1st Peter. I have read this book many times, but I have purposed to slow down and get as much as I can out of it this time. In verses 1 - 2 we read Peters introduction.

Here he declares that he is a apostle "one that is sent" to the Christians who are scattered across Asia Minor. Peter is a Jew and uses Jewish phrases to describe this situation. These Christians are scattered around in a world of sinners. They are not home, but are pilgrims, foreigners in a land.

Then Peter declares that these people were chosen and that God knew them before hand. Paul said the same thing in Eph. 1:4-5 and Rom. 8:29. Foreknowledge means that God has always planned to love and save the human race through Christ. Those that are chosen are those who have accepted Jesus into their lives and choose to live in harmony with Him.

Peter then declares that these people were set apart from this world and dedicated unto God (sanctified) by the Holy Spirit so they can obey Jesus and be saved, thus living holy lives.

When Peter says, "Grace and peace be yours in abundance" In other words, may you be richly spiritually blessed and may you be free from fear, destructive desires and immorality.

NOW READ THIS! We are a people who are just pilgrims passing through this land, heaven is our real home. But for us to be able to go home some day, God had to have a plan. Because He loves us so much we see that He has always had a plan through His Son Jesus. Because of our faith in Him, the Holy Spirit sets us apart from this world so we can someday go home. Until then we live for Jesus, not ourselves or this world. This sets us apart from the world, makes us "chosen". Therefore, the blessings of God "grace and peace" become our keys to success. As this world tries to pull us back, we can defend and conquer this world through Christ.