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OK, suffering is a part of life. We got it! It's your choice whether you make it worth while or if your going to just suffer for your mistakes. Fear is a powerful motivator that will lead you to destruction. Faith is also powerful and will lead you to victory. We know people who live in fear and we know people who live in faith. The question is, what do you live in? Isaiah 53:6 "We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us." As a teen on a farm I raised cattle. Cattle were smart enough to get out of a storm and out of the cold. They never wandered away from their food. They stayed in a herd for protection. They would get in the pond when it was too hot. You just didn't see cattle doing a lot of dumb things. Sheep are quite stupid and need help. Sheep just keep their face to the ground eating and will wander from the rest of the herd. They are easily led to their own death, they ju


Well I finally took the plunge and joined. I have to admit it has been interesting these last few days. I've got a blog in me just about that for later. If your on facebook then as Mr. Rogers said, "Won't you be my friend?" Sign up and find me. FYI - Betty has her own page too!


As most of your know, Kim and her family are going back to Ohio next week. We will miss them a lot, but I thank God for the time that we had and what He did in their lives. Last night I had the privilege of baptizing the whole family and her fiancee, Pete. Yea! This is why I do what I do! Pics to follow soon.

Now What?

OK Let's Review: Never assume that everyone understands the difference between good and bad is. Help people discover a lifetime of salvation is good and that fear is bad. When fear is lord, then bad decisions will follow. If your stressed out, pray and trust Jesus, not your feelings. Remember that this section in 1 Peter 3 is about suffering! You can easily forget that while reading it. But Peter said that there would be suffering for doing the right thing! Our addiction to being comfortable sometimes overwhelms our ability to "take a hit and do the right thing." There are two kinds of suffering that we are addressing here. We will suffer for our mistakes made in sin. This kind of suffering is expensive and damaging. It destroys ones hopes, dreams and future. It can ruin relationships, families and future generations. It makes a big mess of everything, get it? The other kind of suffering doesn't do that at all. It hurts, but it doesn't destroy anything

Why Did I Do That?

Ever asked that question? I have, way to many times for me to remember. How is it we, as normal human beings, with a God given mind and ability to think clearly, can with reason and forethought do some of the stupid things we do? If you think that question is the secret to unlocking the universe, then today's your day! I'm going to answer the question. But before I do let's get a few things clear. Some people revel in their mistakes. How many times have you observed someones actions or attitudes and think, "That's stupid" only to see someone else come along and praise their actions? There is a reason for this. Sin is stupid and everyone said, (Say it out loud now!) AMEN! Thank God for His grace that not only forgives us from our sins, but protects us from having to live like a sinner! And this leads to the answer that unlocks your universe, (at least for today). In 1 Peter 3:14 Peter says, ..."do not fear what they fear, do not be frightened.&


According to a recent new article, the sale of SPAM lunch meat is on the rise. This only thing I have to say about that is, "YIKES!"


How many times have I heard a preacher say, "Don't live like the world!" I'm one of them, I'm sure! But the question is, "Do we know how the world lives?" Maybe a better question is, "Do we know how Christians are suppose to live?" We have all suffered and been frustrated because of someone elses naivety and/or ignorance about something, anything! An inexperienced driver who causes an accident, a well meaning co-worker who inadvertently makes a mess of a certain project, a spouse who was confident that they were doing the right thing at the time. We've all been there at one time or another. So I'm reading 1 Peter 3, the section about suffering for doing good, and it dawns on me that the opposite is true. We also suffer for doing bad. Now before you say, "No duh, pastor, even I knew that." Think about this. Do you know the difference between good and bad? Take your time now and don't answer very quickly. Haven&

Great Day!

Slept in late and took the day off (it's Memorial Day after all). Went with the Jarrett's down to Coral Springs to eat at an old haunt of mine (and Scanlon's) Wings Plus. It was really good. Went to the Sawgrass Mills Mall, only to find out that they closed at 6 p.m. And what time did we get there you ask? 6 p.m. So we went to the Cheesecake Factory. That is the first time I have ever eaten there. Do not take me there ever again. I will eat every piece of cheesecake that they own (one piece almost killed me). Got home, tired but rested. Ready to go tomorrow (I hope.)

What A Service!!

WOW! Did you see that coming! Marsha Wooley knocked it out of the park! Praise and Worship was awesome! (Hats off the the PW team) It was great to see Noah's family join us for service and we celebrated his graduation from high school after service. We honored our vets who have served us well - it was fitting to announce that Noah has joined the USMC and will be going to Parris Island this September. We announced that we have received over $1,100 in pledges so far for the I Love My Church Momentum Program. We had a powerful altar service and the list goes on and on! Praise God!!!

This Morning

I am really looking forward to today. Even though it's Memoral Day weekend, most people are staying home. Marsha came into town yesterday and spent some time with us. Today is the BIG REVEAL for the "I Love My Church" Momentum Program. We are celebrating Noah Clawsons high school graduation. We are enjoying a Celebration Luncheon after morning worship. It's going to be a great day! Praise God!S

Politics and Religion

Politics and religion use to go to together very well. Ask our founding fathers, Abraham Lincoln and others. It hasn't been until the last 30 years or so that the two have been more annoyed with each other than helpful. Watching Sen. Obama reject his personal pastors endorsement and now Sen. McCains rejection of Parsley and Hagee is very disturbing. Let's clear up a few things. Whether you agree or disagree with Rev. Wright's theology (personally I disagree) we live in a country where you have the right of free speech. Because Rev. Wright is the personal pastor of Sen. Obama his theology is important to voters. A pastor is a leader, shepherd an influencer of those whom God has charged them with. Parsley's comments about Islam being an "anti-Christ" religion isn't off the mark. Any good theologian will tell you that the Old Roman Empire spoke of in Revelation isn't governmental but religious. Hagee's comments about Hitler isn't off, eve

Wives Submit!

I've heard those words uttered by neanderthal husbands and it makes my skin crawl. I'm thinking, "You don't get it, but if you keep it up - you gonna get it!" The abuse of this phrase is usually justified by 1 Peter 3:1-7. So let's set the record straight. 1) The operative word in verse 1 is "so". Submission has a purpose, to lead others to salvation. 2) God calls wives to be "Servant Leaders" For the record, servant leadership is the most powerful and productive form of leadership that is known to mankind. 3) Purity and reverence is the keys to leadership. Not surprising that even in the world today honesty and valuing others is considered to be the highest qualities people look for in leadership. 4) In verse 3 being a "trophy wife" will get you no where. (Execpt maybe on the cover of People magazine.) 5) Inner beauty from a gentle and quite spirit (that doesn't mean you can't have a sense of humor and some spark

A Parents Worst Nightmare

I learned last last night that the Steven Curtis Chapman family has suffered a tragic loss. Their 5 year old daughter was playing in the driveway of this home when their teenage son back his SUV up and accidently ran over her. You can read the whole story here. Please pray for them during this tragic loss.

Jesus Is Lord

Oh your going to love this story! I'll never look at an airplane the same again. Click here!

My New Phrase

"Open Loops" that's it, my new phrase. What is a open loop? Have you ever committed yourself to do something personally or to someone else, but just haven't had the time to do it? We all have, it's called an open loop. Then, has your brain ever nagged you to do it until you just couldn't stand it anymore and you had to close the loop just to get some peace of mind? When we over commit ourselves, or in my case, life pulls up to your door and dumps and truck load of stuff at your feet, you can go nuts over these open loops. Where did I get the phrase? A book entitled, Getting Things Done by David Allen. I've read a third of it so far and had to stop because these open loops were driving me crazy! I have a feeling that open loops also have a lot to do with why people miss church or quit coming. If we cannot be good stewards of our time as we should be with every area of our life, Satan can take advantage of this and tempt us to take care of these l

Monday at the Movies

Betty, Anneka and I went to see Prince Caspian. It was great! I recommend it to you and your family. Anneka has always wanted to see Aslan. When he showed up she sat up in awe with her mouth open then started saying, "There's Aslan! There's Aslan!" Yea! That's how I expect people the people who are looking for Jesus to react when they see Him too!

Global Warming & Hurricanes

For years now we have been hearing that global warming was causing the active hurricane seasons we have been experiencing. Not true according to meteorologist Tom Knutson in a recent study he released. In fact warmer water reduces the number of hurricanes we could experience. You can read it here at the Washington Post. I like what a meteorologist says at the end of the article, "But NOAA hurricane meteorologist Chris Landsea, who wasn't part of this study, praised Knutson's work as 'very consistent with what's being said all along.' " If that is what has been said all along, why are we just hearing about it now?


Not that I am complaining. I can smell smoke, I see smoke, I smell like smoke. I can smell it when I work and while I sleep. I can taste it (yuk). I know what it feels like to be a smoked ham. My eyes burn. My throat burns. If you are working out in this stuff all day - my heart goes out to you - really! I hugged my daughter, she smells like old charcoal! I saw a guy walk out of Home Depot wearing a surgical mask. I don't blame him. I would probably put on some scuba gear if I had any! This pic above is what the sun looked like yesterday through the smoke and haze. I kid you not, I was thinking Book of Revelation stuff here! Whatever you do, don't ask anyone if it is smoky outside. You will be locked up for a psych evaluation. If you didn't notice before now, something is wrong with you! There is a chorus to one of our Praise and Worship songs we sing around here - "Let The Wind Blow" Just from a different direction like East! Nothings on fire o

Sunday Evening Reflections

We had a great day today! We are still getting pledges in from this mornings "I Love My Church' Momentum Program so we will not be releasing any figures until Sunday! Tim did a great job working on the yard Saturday! He is still planting trees! The guy is nuts! I love it! Have a meeting tomorrow morning with Church Extension Plan - pray that all goes well! I am exhausted! Looking forward to a productive week! Betty really gave us some timely wisdom this morning. I hope that you got it and will do it. If you wasn't here or you would like a cd (we finally got our digital recorder working right) email me - I will be happy to get you your own copy. Already looking forward to next Sunday! Marsha Wooley - she is going bless you again and again! We are going to celebrate Noahs graduation! Lunch after service! Turkey, Ham and Pork Loin. Bring a side dish! Will let you know more this week as details make themselves clearer to me! God Bless and have a great week for Je

Gay Marriage

After California's Supreme Court decided to overrule the will of its people it should be apparent to us that this issue is long from being over. Go to and learn what you can do this coming November!

To the north and the south

For those of you who have kids in St. Lucie County, especially 8th graders, you want to pay attention to this. " Eight graders in St. Lucie County schools will see a controversial sex ed video in the classroom. That decision was made last night by the St. Lucie County School Board. In the video, a doctor tells kids about the importance of abstinence but also shows a non-graphic demonstration of the proper use of a condom. This, in an effort to protect sexually active kids from HIV and other STD's. Individual Parents can request that their kids don't see the video." For those of you who have kids in Palm Beach County, expecially 6th graders, pay attention. "...local sixth graders now know about the birds and the bees and then some. A controversial graphic sex ed class started today in Palm Beach County Schools. Most of the parents we spoke with today seemed to understand the reality of what their kids are seeing and hearing. And most of them say they'd ra

Insert Title Here!

There is just to much stuff here to try to title into one subject. This passage, 2 Peter 2:4-12, has always been one of my favorite passages to preach and teach from. Here's why. Peter points out that Jesus is a living cornerstone and that we are living stones. One of my youth years ago asked me if that meant we were blockheads for Jesus? I said yes. Peter's point is obvious. We are a living temple and we are a people who make up a living temple that honors, worships, repents and is used to spread the Gospel all over the world. In verse 6 it says "...the one who trusts in him will never be put to shame." Paul says in Rom 1:16 that he is not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus. Peter tells us that the Gospel will make us be ashamed of Jesus. Literally, the phrase means that we will never be frustrated, confused, be in fear of, hopeless or ashamed of being a Christian. In verse 9 Peter says that we are a chosen people. Chosen is like when in school you would rai

Critics Reviews

Have you ever stayed away from a particular restaurant because it got a bad review? I have. I couldn't actually tell you that it was bad - I just read it and believed. It has been researched and determined for every bad customer service experience you will tell 20 people and for every positive experience 4 or 5 people. In 1 Peter 2:1 - 3 it says, (NIV) 1 Therefore, rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind. 2 Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, 3 now that you have tasted that the Lord is good." Apparently these new Christians had heard some bad reviews about Jesus and the Gospel. But now they had experienced salvation and Jesus personally - they could write a new review that says, "...the Lord is good." I've since eaten at some of the restaurants the food critics slammed and determined that they were wrong. Remember this, our experiences always overri

$3 an hour and worth it!

Harvard economist Juliet B. Schor, in her book The Overworked American, writes that "The average employed person is now on the job an additional 163 hours, or the equivalent of one month a year, compared to figures for 1969.” This came from a new blog I just started reading. Click here

What is Real?

The Vatican released an article that says it's ok to believe in aliens from outer space. China is going through its worst natural disaster since 1976 (another earthquake that killed over 225,000). Presidential hopefuls openly declare that their plans for our future are the best plans possible. All of these plans are different can all of them be good for us? Plastic use to be good for us, now it's bad? I didn't know I was leaving a carbon print everywhere I go, so does that mean someone with a BIG eraser is following me? (Isn't that stalking?) Then I read 1 Peter 1:10-21 and the world is aligned again. Vs. 10 - 12: We know what it feels like to be an Old Testament prophet. They preached a message that the Messiah was going to come and change the world as they knew it. The world thought they were crazy and treated them as such - but Jesus came and changed the world. Today we preach a message the Jesus is coming soon! When He does the world will change again!

The Paradox

I have preached and taught that Christianity is a paradox. (Paradox: A paradox is an apparently true statement or group of statements that leads to a contradiction or a situation which defies intuition.) Peter apparently was a master at this. Reading 1 Peter 1:3-9 we see. 1) A living hope through the resurrection. Death brings life. We live in a world where we understand that life eventually brings death. 2) An inheritance that can never spoil. We know that anything we inherit will eventually fade away, need repair or will someday be worthless. 3) We are protected, by faith. Most people think that their good works will protect them. That a new age way of thinking (Hinduism) 4) Persecution produces faith. True, persecution produces pain - but what we do with that pain is the difference between a life of bitterness or a life of faith. 5) Even though we have not seen Jesus, we are filled with joy and rejoice because we are in His presence. We pay to go to a concert or to hear so

Wake Up!!!

So I'm asleep and Betty comes in to wake me up and tell me that the world is coming to and end. Well not that dramatic, but something had upset her - so bleary eyed I tried to pay attention. There was an earthquake (I'm sure you have heard about it by now) in China. A rather large one. Then there is a flash flood in Vietnam, a another earthquake in Alaska, Turkey and Iceland. Now she has my attention. So I asked here where she was getting her information and she shows me RSOA, the National Association of Radio-Distress Signalling and Infocommunications in Budapest, Hungary. It is a world map of every major disaster as it happens. Click here and see for yourself - it kind of looks like something out of James Bond. I was wondering why I didn't get the memo that the world was going to come to an end today! So I began to do some research. Apparently this kind of activity is rather normal. On any given day the map looks like this. Kind of scary isn't it? (Oop

Sunday Evening Reflections

I really enjoyed today. We had a great time and God is still blessing people in a great way! I thought that Betty did a great job team preaching with me this morning! It actually came off better than I thought it would. We might try that again later. I was overwhelmed with the response to the sermon this morning. When God dropped this idea in my heart a few months ago I really was a little confused by it. But slowly I have been getting it and apparently you did too! I really thank God for that. There is something happening to our church that can only be a God thing! I am excited about the coming weeks and months ahead! FYI - For those of you who follow Gospel Music. Dottie Rambo died today in a bus accident just outside Springfield Missouri. Our prayers go out to the family.

Mothers Day

For those of you new to the Jones story let me fill you in on a few details. Mother's Day is a BIG deal around here. You see, Betty was not able to have children for many years. Only through the grace of God's healing on her life was she able to have Anneka. So after we had been married 20 years she was pregnant. The joy of our life had arrived and we have been chasing the little squirt ever since. But is wasn't always this way. Each Mothers Day my wife would cry. Not because other moms were celebrating their day - because she couldn't. All she wanted was her baby to hold in her arms. 20 Sunday's that honored mom come and went with little hope of every celebrating one of our own. Well God changed all of that and He gets all the glory for it. (Say Amen here!) So today I get to celebrate Betty's 4th Mothers Day with her. Anneka and I will do our best to spoil her a little today and tomorrow. I get to team preach with her today for the first time ever.

Are you a pilgrim?

I've started reading 1st Peter. I have read this book many times, but I have purposed to slow down and get as much as I can out of it this time. In verses 1 - 2 we read Peters introduction. Here he declares that he is a apostle "one that is sent" to the Christians who are scattered across Asia Minor. Peter is a Jew and uses Jewish phrases to describe this situation. These Christians are scattered around in a world of sinners. They are not home, but are pilgrims, foreigners in a land. Then Peter declares that these people were chosen and that God knew them before hand. Paul said the same thing in Eph. 1:4-5 and Rom. 8:29. Foreknowledge means that God has always planned to love and save the human race through Christ. Those that are chosen are those who have accepted Jesus into their lives and choose to live in harmony with Him. Peter then declares that these people were set apart from this world and dedicated unto God (sanctified) by the Holy Spirit so they ca

I Like Roller Coasters

I like roller coasters, as long as they are in a theme park and there is a start and finish to them. Have you ever rode one over and over and over again? You will get sick and nauseous after a while. Well, I have had one of those weeks and now I am sitting at my desk with a bottle of Tums. There were some great highs! All the District Business went very, very well! Elections went smoothly! We raised 2.9 million dollars in cash and pledges for churches in India. 3 ministers from my section (West Palm Beach area) were ordained. I got to pray for James Iskra from Sebastian. I am one of the faculty for our new District School of Ministry starting this fall. I will be teaching Synoptic Gospels this April. (FYI- DSOM, as it is called, is for anyone who seeking credentials with the Assemblies of God or if you just want to take one class for personal edification - more info. to come.) I got to meet some of our missionaries who just came off the field and I got to say goodbye to s

Hotel Hades

I've been living in a pineapple for the last 24 hours. This picture tells it all. It looks like a pineapple!! We got here yesterday and discovered that we had been "bumped" to another hotel. The pineapple. It was 8 or 9 miles away and it takes the directional senses of a sharpa to get there. The people were very nice at the pineapple. The locks to the doors were not. After 4 key changes we finally got one that kinda worked if you held your tongue right and if the moon was in the same orbital eclipse of Mars. The rooms were kinda clean. I'm sure at one time in their life they were. To be honest I was having a hard time getting past the 37 coats of paint on the walls. Then the internet service was going to cost me $10 a day. I don't need to blog that bad. By the way, International Resort and Spa is the one who "bumped" me. I have been delivered! Betty went on the hunt this morning and found an Extended Stay Hotel just down the street. Ahhhhh!

WOW What a Weekend!

I just sat down at my computer to reflect on this weekends events. This mornings service was awesome!! God moved in peoples lives in a great way! People definately expereinced God this morning! Then we had a healing service tonight at 6 p.m. That's right! We had another great service this evening! People were healed and I really do believe that some people will never be the same after this evenings service. I have created a special page on our website entitled Life Stories. Please take the opportunity to let others know what God has done for you. It can be a source of encouragement to others while giving glory and honor to God!

A Day of Repentance

Just like the people were challenged, motivated, organized and led to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. So were they when it came to their relationship with God. There is no doubt that there were people there who loved God, but we are speaking to the corporate body, the nation of Israel. Yes, there are people in the church who love God, but the church will not change nor be successful in its endeavors unless they, corporately, seek Him. What did they do? A) They heard the Word of God. You don't know what to repent for if you don't know His Word. B) They repented. They key to their future success was to start right with God. C) They praised and worshipped God. The evidence that A and B works a soul rejoicing because mercy has set it free! D) They received a history lesson reminding them how they got into trouble in the first place. History lessons are not bad as long as you don't live in history. In verse 36 they admit that their sin got them in the mess that they we

The wall has been built!

In chapter 7 the wall has been built and the gates have been set. (By the way, you've heard the last from Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem) Now most people make a fatal mistake in leadership at this point and would set back and would celebrate a job well done. But Nehemiah knows that the hardest part of the project has just begun. Ask yourself: "What was the purpose of this project?" To rebuild the walls? Wrong. To restore Jerusalem! The walls was phase 1 in the project. What did the project accomplish? It gave Nehemiah credibility to lead the people. Somebody had to know what he did for a living before he became governor (if you forgot - he was a butler). The project also gave Nehemiah momentum to lead. In order to change the culture of the land (from one of slavery to liberty) he was going to need all the credibility and momentum he could get. In chapter 8 Nehemiah calls a town meeting where Ezra the priest reads the law of Moses. People began to weep because t