Who Are We After?

One of the things that you need to think and pray about is this. Who is the church trying to attract? Who is our target audience? Now to some of you, you may think I have lost my mind and become a marketing salesman. But following along here for a few more sentences.

If we are trying to reach sinners, does our facilities say, "Welcome sinner?" "Welcome friend?" or does it say, "Welcome Christian?"

If we are trying to reach families with children, does our facilities say, "Welcome home?" or "Look, but don't touch!"

If we are trying to reach people, does our facilities say "We're religious!" or "We're relevant!" (No you cannot say we are religiously relevant.)

If we are trying to reach people who have been watching this church for many years, does our facilites say, "This is a new church, with a new vision for a new day!" or does is say, "Same ol' church with a new coat of paint!"?

These are VERY important questions to pray about before this Sunday!