We Build People Pt.1

Years ago the AG touted a new program entitled, "We Build People". It was cutting edge stuff at the time. What it simply did was help people build a relationship with Christ, become part of the church and minister to the world. It really did work but there was this book called "A Purpose Driven Church" which overshadowed it and the rest is history.

In Ezekiel 37 we see his prophecies begin to change. A little more positive and hopeful. Nothings changed concerning
Israel, but God is now telling them that He is going bring them back from the brink of extinction. The imagery here is simply. He is going to build the people from the ground up.

Ezekiel is in a valley of dried, bleached, dead bones. This represented the nation of Israel in its current state. What is so interesting is they thought they were full of life, and spiritually wonderful!! Nothing could happen to them! What a contrast! How many of us have thought we were doing so well only to discover we were in sad shape. It reminds me of the Church or Laodicea. Jesus tells them that they are blind, poor, pitiful and naked. In reality they were rich, healthy and very well dressed.

What does God see when He looks at you or me? We cannot assume that He sees what we see. He sees all and we (well I do) need glasses. Having an honest assessment of who you are from God's point of view is always a humbling but rewarding experience. When you are on the same page with God it changes your world. Why? Because God can change you! Ask Him to show you what He sees. Brace yourself, but don't be afraid. God isn't in the business of destroying people, He is in the business of building them up!


Anonymous said…
Hi Pastor,

Your comment about God not being in the business of destroying people but building them up really hit home. No matter how rotten your day, week or year is, God is still in control. It's comforting.

Mike Scanlon
Good word!

Hey, Larry and I miss our times with you guys in Ft.Lauderdale...

Good memories...

Anonymous said…
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