We Build People Pt. 5

This is the last entry on the We Build People series. I initially was going to stop at part 4, but there is just one more thing that I want to point out. The Holy Spirit makes all the difference!

God is a package deal. That means you have to accept and embrace everything He has to offer in order to know and love Him. Anyone who has ever fallen in love knows this. There may be some things about a person that irritate you or you outrightly disagree with, but you love them anyway. They are a package deal!

We believe in God, but that also means we believe in His Son Jesus. That what He did sets us free from sin. We also believe in His Word, the Bible. That every word is inspired, from Genesis to Revelation, all the time. We also believe in the Holy Spirit, the third member of the Trinity and that makes all the difference!

As Ezekiel preached, what happened! The wind, a emblem of the Spirit, enters these dead bodies and restores their soul! The Hebrew word here is the same used in Genesis 2:7 when the breath of life entered Adam. The Holy Spirit brings life!! That is why we as Pentecostals must seek the Spirits fulness in our lives everyday! It takes what was once powerless, dead and hopeless and gives us a hope and a future in Him! How can you take your realationship with Him to the next level! What is it that He is asked you to do today!