We Build People Pt. 4

Sorry for the delay. I was in Presbytery all day monday then yesterday my low blood sugar just wreaked my whole day. So today I feel great and good to go!!

Ezekiel is now instructed to preach to these dead bodies the breath of life. Notice that God calls them, "slain". Who killed them? There is a great deal of discussion about this but I think that the answer is clear. Sin is the guilty party here. They accepted sin and idolatry as their way of life, choosing over God and His will for them. Sin leads to every kind of concieveable death possible. Physical, spiritual, financial, realtional and much more. There is hope for them, but it comes in the form of an unlikely prophet who simply preaches to them.

We have to ask ourselves, "What was Ezekiel preaching here?" We don't know exactly how or what he said but we do know this much. It had to be the truth. God responds to faith but faith must be expressed with truth, otherwise, it becomes valueless. We, like Ezekiel, are the unlikely prophets, but our faith spoken in truth can bring life into dead lives. Or, we can build people! to whom have you spoken the truth to lately? To whom do you need to speak the truth in love to today? Do you feel as if you are the least qualified, most unlikely person to do so? Then your in good company.