We Build People Pt 3

As Ezekiel preaches, muscle and skin are added to the bones. They are not alive yet. That we will deal with later. It's the importance of building the whole body right now that needs to be addressed.

It's one thing to lead someone to place their faith in Jesus. It's another thing to disciple them to spiritual maturity in Christ. It's the difference between a skeleton and a body. I've seen lots of Christians who, to use Ezekiel's anology, where in various stages of development. Some where just bones, the basics. Not that this is bad. Without a good skeleton you can never have a strong body. Then I've had the pleasure of watching people grow in the knowledge of who Jesus is. They begin to develop as I would think Ezekiel began to see the people develop physically in his vision. It's takes a lot of discipleship, investment, love and care to help anyone grow in Christ.

However, I have seen the opposite happen. Perfectly spiritually healthy Christians wither away into nothing. Watching someone refuse to receive the Word of God into their lives is a painful process to say the least. Atrophy sets in and someone who was once a powerhouse for Christ, is nothing more than a whimper.

So where are you in the process. Here is some insight, it doesn't matter where you are as long as your being built up! If your going in reverse, time to get serious and do something about it.