We Build People Pt 2

In phase 2 of Ezekiel's prophecy God instructs him to preach to the bones. Now if your first thought is, that's crazy, your right! But remember that we are always a part of God plan to reach this world for Him. God has chose to work through us. It is crazy to preach, witness, show love, or extend forgiveness to a bunch of people who curse the name of God, deny His existence and persecute His people. It's crazy for me to stand up on Sunday morning and preach the Word of God to a people who may or may not care about what It says. But that is exactly what we have to do.

What if Ezekiel had refused to preach to the bones? What would have happened? Nothing! God needed Ezekiel. If Ezekiel had refused, He would have had to find someone else to do the preaching. It isn't that God couldn't do it, it's that God chosen to do His good work through us, His people. If we are gifted of God to teach the Word, witness to their world His love, or preach His message of Good News, but refuse to do it. What does that say about us?

I've heard people give a variety of excuses why they don't minister to the spiritually dead people who surround them. More than I can write here. Then they get mad at them for doing what they do - lay around and do nothing. They lament about how their church isn't growing or complain about how the church doesn't meet their needs or their families needs. They complain how people don't meet their expectations.

All they are doing is scolding the bones. Then they give excuses why they can't or shouldn't do anything about it. It doesn't make any sense to me. If we have the gift to speak into peoples lives the truth of Gods love, His message of hope! If we have the power to speak life into their spiritually dead bones. Then why don't we turn our scolding into a blessing. Unless of course, we are the spiritual dry bones who need preaching to.

What we do here at FFWC makes the world look at us like we are crazy. But we build people. As Ezekiel began to prophesy, those bones started to come together. In part 3 we will look what it means to get some flesh on these bones.