Fans and Rivalries

You can read the whole story here, but the short of it is this.

- Yankees are building a new stadium.
- A construction worker who is a Red Sox fan hid a Red Sox jersey somewhere in the stadium.
- I surmise it was for the purpose of "cursing" the stadium and the Yankees.
- He didn't keep his mouth shut about it.
- It took five hours of jackhammering to find it.
- The "curse" has been removed.
- Charges are pending.
- The jersey is going to be auctioned off for charity.

I can understand rivalries between teams. I can understand the fans pulling pranks on each other. But as you read this story I get the feeling that some people were "deeply" offended, "seriously" insulted and "shocked" that someone would do this to their beloved team. Is it just me or should they have just ignored this and found something more deserving of their time, money and attention? FYI Yankees. There's another jersey in there somewhere. I don't know where but I guarantee you just turned a prank into a project for someone.