Something is bothering me!

Greed. I can't tell you if is something new to my persona or if we are seeing a huge surge of greed in our world today like never before (I suspect a little of both) but this is getting out of hand.

Why are we paying more for gas? Because futures traders suspect there is going to be a oil shortage. Wrong, we've got more oil than we know what to do with now! Some of it is still in the ground, but we are not running out, not by a long shot! Brazil just discovered that they are sitting on an estimated 33 billion barrels of oil.

Now there is a rice shortage? Because of this Asian countries like the Philippines and others are trying to stave off a famine? Then I read reports from Bloomburg that clearly say there is no shortage. The one thing that many of these countries are doing is banning speculators from trading in rice futures so they don't drive up the cost of rice based on falsified fears.

What are your comments on this?


Anonymous said…
Hello Pastor,

The greed of oil traders will not stop until there's a revolt or until people discover another way to get from one point to another. I don't know how close we are to revolution but I know lots of people who are just a hair from losing it. All they need is Jesus. He always makes a way where there is none. He's the answer, not revolt. All we need to do is believe!!!

Mike Scanlon