Scientology has a problem

One of its long time members has quit and he is mad. Jason Beghe who has starred as Demi Moore’s love interest in "G.I. Jane" and has been featured in numerous TV dramas such as "Criminal Minds," "Numb3rs" and "CSI" has called it quits after 14 years. In his own words "Scientology is destructive and a rip-off."

Apparently Jason has a 3 min. video on YouTube. (Warning: He is apparently mad and his language reflects that, don't let the children watch this!) Here he declares "It ain’t deliverin’ what it’s promised." I bet Tom Cruise is having a fit!

Pray for Jason, he's out but he needs Jesus too! Pray that there is someone who will begin to show him the real love of Christ in a pratical and relevant way.