Lakeland Revival

So I get a phone call from someone in Auburndale Florida telling me about the great revival going on with Todd Bentley from Faith Fire Ministries. He tells me how these revival services first start at Ignited Church in Lakeland and were then transferred to a larger auditorium in Auburndale. Then Sunday night Betty and I went over to Tim and Teneals for dinner and they asked me if I had heard of this revival? Now this is peeking my interested. So Tim replays for me from his Tivo the service from the previous night. We saw Todd his uncle, the guy who called me, there in the service. But the miracles that were taking place were awesome! Now I have learned that they have moved back to the Lakeland Convention Center which seats 8,000 people and that it was filled up! This Friday they are moving to the local stadium there. There are people all over the world flying in to attend! If you can get GOD TV, check it out!