I finished reading Ezekiel today. I never remember it ever being this tough to read.

I remember reading Ezekiel 47:3 - 6 before. Walking into the river and the father you go, the deeper you get until you cannot swim in it anymore. There is a great deal of discussion as to what this means. But I prefer to think of this as ones relationship with God. God is deeper in spirit, thought and life than we are. We can comprehend somethings, but in the end, we cannot comprehend everything. Some people think that this is morally wrong for God to do this to us. Others think that this is impossible, that given enough time we can figure it out.

And that is what is wrong isn't it! Either we blame God and abandon Him or we elevate ourselves to His position and make him irrelvent. This is exactly what Israel did that led God to place them in exile. No matter how smart or gifted anyone is, eventually there comes a place where our faith has to believe in something we don't comprehend. If we were to understand everything about God, we would be God. Well I don't know about you, but I'm not God nor do I want to be God. Even though there is a part of my carnality that desires to either blame God or assume I'm just as smart as He is, that part of me has to as Paul said, die daily!