I Feel Better

Over the years I have been a big promoter of discipleship, worship services for Christians and challenging preaching. That has flown in the face of most church growth philosophy which has promoted community and seeker services. I've tried that stuff, well one Sunday I did, and I quickly realized that it wasn't going to work. So I've been called a few names among them, stubborn and antiquated.

Well one of the leading churches of the seeker/community movement, Willow Creek did a study a few years ago that led them to believe they were missing something. You read the article here. In short, now they are offering discipleship classes and worship services that attract mature believers, because mature believers are the driving force of the church, especially in evangelism!!

What does that mean for FFWC? Well if this is the new trend for the church of the 21st century we could be ahead of the curve!