Ezekiel Ministry

Most people think that all Ezekiel did was go around and preach gloom and doom. The truth of the matter is this. They are right. Ezekiel was dealing with a nation that was wholeheartedly humanistic in its approach to everything. God was acknowledge but He wasn't taken seriously. As I was reading Ez. chapters 31 & 32 something dawned on me. Sinners (this world) needs Christians. Really great Christians. For the last few chapters I have been reading how God is going to bring judgement on Egypt, Pharaoh, Edom, Sidon and Tyre. Why? What did they do? What's the big surprise, they're sinners, they sin. Israel was no different from any of these other nations. If God would have only judged Israel and left these other countries alone, they would have concluded that they were blessed or better than Israel, the law of Moses and their God. Can't happen. Everyone who is a sinner will be judge as a sinner unless they do what it takes to get rid of their sins. Then it hits me. If Israel had been faithful, these sinner nations would have had a chance to hear, see and believe. But because the witness of God was not only silent, but devalued beyond hope. Everyone was going to get it. The world we live in today needs great Christians! People who will not let their witness be silent! People who will live differently and be separate from the ordinary. Consecrated! Leave a thought in the comment box of what you believe what a great Christian does?


Anonymous said…
Hi Pastor

You ask a loaded question about "what a great Christian does". The answer is simple. Make disciples. Network to increase the kingdom of God. Easy to say but more difficult to do.
I'm looking forward to Wednesday's class. The new ciriculum fits perfectly.

Mike Scanlon