Church Tithing

You can read the whole article here at The Barna Group. But here is some of the information I found interesting.

Who is tithing?


24% of evangelicals
12% of people who have prayed, read the Bible, and attended a church service during the past week
11% of charismatic or Pentecostal Christians
9% of all born again adults
8% of Protestants
2% of Catholics
1% or less of atheists and agnostics


22% of conservatives and registered Republicans
1% or less of liberals


5% of adults
1% or less of downscale adults
(Those whose annual household income is less than $20,000 and who have not attended college)
1% or less of people under the age of 25
1% or less of single adults who have never been married

What are you thoughts on this and what can we do to turn this trend around? Do you think that tithing is Biblical?


Anonymous said…
Hi Pastor,

People don't tithe because it's a taboo subject, especially from the pulpit.(Not our church or AG's). I really feel that if people understood whose money lines their pockets(God's) then it's no big deal to give the Lord 10%. Believers need more teaching on this vital subject. It's really not giving to the church but spreading the Good News!

Mike Scanlon