Weigh In On This!

Here's something that's been floating around my head for a while. What if we borrowed the money to do everything we need to do to finish build out, fix up the building and to secure our future? Now let me lay down a few ground rules here. I don't want to get into a discussion about affordability or what we are going to do in specific detail. We can get into that later. I want to know whether you believe we should? If you have a problem with churches borrowing money? If you think that this is the right idea at the wrong time? I don't want to waste our time and energy chasing something that was doomed to be defeated from the very beginning.

If you desire, click on the comment box below and leave your ideas. If you don't want others to see you - click on my email link located on this page and let me know. Let's talk about it and see where it leads us!


Anonymous said…
Let's see what we can come up with. The Lord's house needs work!