We Are The Temple

Ezekiel 10 - 12 in many ways was a foreshadowing of our lives. As the nation of Israel had turned their back on God, their reasoning for doing so isn't that different from what we see today.

They were spiritual, but they didn't love God.
They marginalized their faith while doing as they please.
They refused to allow God to show them who was really speaking on His behalf.

In Ez. 10 we read how the glory of the Lord had departed from the temple. God was done and the time for change. This didn't mean that the people couldn't change their ways and repent. God just knew that things had gone to far and they were not going to do it. In 1 Cor. 6:19 it says that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Has the glory of the Lord departed from our temple?

In Ez. 11 we see how God holds the spiritual authorities of that day accountable for their actions. Judgement is pronounced on them. While the promise is made, again, true repentance would have changed the story. The people probably knew that their spiritual leadership was morally and spiritually corrupt.

In Ez. 12 God deals with the excuses the people used to justify their actions. In verse 11 the people declared that they didn't listen to prophets anymore. Because they were false and only told the people what they wanted to hear they lost faith in them. They didn't trust spiritual leadership anymore. Therefore, they marginalized or dismissed everyone who preached and taught God's Word.

Another excuse they used is in verse 26. It says that they might believe Ezekiel, but it was so far in the future they didn't have to worry about it. This gave the people false hope by dismissing truth to some place far down the line.