Tuesdays Notes

I've been trying to get to this all morning, so while I have a few minutes I'm going to jot a few notes down!

Last Sunday was amazing! If you didn't set your clocks, you missed a great day. We received a overwhelming response, so much so that I am going to sit down later today to read all the forms turned in a start building a plan of action.

The I love my church campaign is really, really God's timing. There is no way I could "orchestrate" this kind of passion and response. He gets all the glory.

My office smells like paint. My wife and Deana are painting one of the storage rooms. They are going to try to get a few more rooms done later this week. Great job guys!!

Easter is coming faster that you think. Remember this rule. It is better to have invited someone who wouldn't come than to have never invited them at all. I know, I've heard something like that before too.