Sunday Evening Musings

Easter is coming!! So this week is all about Easter. I am really looking forward to Good Friday. The Passion of the Christ is going to be a great event for some! It's really puts the crucifixion into context for many people. Someone requested a kids movie for smaller children, so we should be able to do that. Someone else asked if they should bring food. If you want to that's ok. Something easy like finger food, etc.

Lot's of stuff to do before Sunday. I mean lots of stuff. So late to bed and early to rise. Hold it, it doesn't go that way does it?

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I really appreciate those who have told or emailed me that this mornings sermon really spoke to you. I know that I am my worst critic, but I really thought I bombed. I am going to make a few changes before next Sunday. For one thing, during Sunday School - if anyone wants to dedicate time to prayer for the service - I believe that there are few who would join you. Email, call or send smoke signals and let me know.

For those of you who signed up to work on the grounds. Call me!! 287-3480 or 260-4277!

If you didn't make it to the free preview for Financial Peace University, please let us know. We will be happy to show the video again. Did you know that only about %5 of people who attend church have their finances under control? Did you know that 70% of America is living from paycheck to paycheck? Did you know that only 55% of those people are actually concerned about it? FPU helps, I mean it really does.

Did I mention that Easter is this Sunday?