New Friends

Most of you know that I really don't like being in a room full of people. I am satisfied being in a corner watching. At The Forum this was no exception. In this room were some powerful and influential people. CEO's of Fortune 500 companies. Employees of national insurance companies, District Superintendents, University Presidents and so on. So I found the back row.

The first day I was with a couple of people that I knew, but the second and third day - they left me (traitors). So I ended up sitting next to a very kind gentleman who was taking notes on a Macintosh. AH! HA! A friend! Well I found out that he had just started using a Mac three months ago and was still learning how to use it. We hit is off and the name on his badge was Joel Balin. He pastors a Vineyard church in Atlanta Ga.

We had a wonderful time and really hit it off well. Well today I came back to my seat and I found a book there, "The Spirit, Soul and Body of Worship". I looked around to see if someone had misplaced their book in my seat when Joel said, "I wanted to give this to you." I looked at the author and said, "Who's Joel Balin." Good Lord I apparently didn't drink enough coffee this morning, that was embarrassing.

As it turns out, he isn't just a pastor, but he has served as the Southeastern US Vineyard Worship Overseer, he has written for Word Music, been a Worship Arts Pastor for over 10 years, written for Worship Magazine, served on the Pastoral Board for the group Third Day ( that just lit up a few of my people ) and has produced and performed with numerous artists.

Joel if you are reading this, it would have helped to have said something! Remember what Mark Rutland said. "You had better toot your own horn before someone uses it for a spittoon."

I'm going to talk about Joel a little bit this Sunday and I'm going to ask you to pray for a special request on his families behalf.

Thanks Joel, you really helped make my experience at The Forum and enjoyable one!! (He is pictured here with his wonderful wife Trace)


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