Forum - Day 2

Here are todays notes from the forum.

Craig Groeschel - Pastor

Mark 2:1-5

Within you - you have everything you need to reach the people God want you to reach.

God wants you to reach.

Limited resources + increasing passion = exponential innovation.

God guides by what he provides
God also guides by what He withholds.

God blesses with divine limitations.

If He gave you what you thought you needed, you wouldn’t see what God wants you to see.

Limitations can lead to innovation.

4 qualities of innovative leaders.
#1 - Innovative leaders care deeply about those who do not know Christ.
When have you been so compassionate that you would creak through the ceiling?
To reach the people that no one is reaching, you have to do what no one else is doing. In other words, don’t use old methods.
Ask yourself, Who is God calling you to reach?

#2 They break the rules
Care more about people than about stupid rules.
Give it all away.
Ask yourself, What is God calling you is attempt that hasn’t been done before?

#3 They will offend Pharisees.
When you follow Jesus you will offend some Pharisees.
Those thing closes to the heart of God offend the Pharisees.
Don’t worry when they attack you, worry when they don’t.
Ask yourself, What new things will God call you to create that will be hated today but embraced tomorrow?

#4 Redefine success
Success wasn’t about big numbers but when someone is saved and healed.
Success is doing what matter to God when no one else is working.
It’s never about making ourselves great, it’s about making Jesus great.
Not about how much you take in, it’s about how much you give away.
“Micro church with a mega vision”
Ask yourself, What hard adjustment do you meed to make to honor God

Easily offended people will rule the outcome. Mark Rutland

Marcus Buckingham - Author of Go Put Your Strengths to Work - I going to get some of this guys books!

Ask yourself: At work, do you have the opportunity to do what you do best everyday?

Depressed people know who they are - they are called “Depressive Realists”

Which do you think will help you to be most successful? Building on your strengths or working on your weaknesses.

We think that excellence is the opposite of failure.

We study bad in order to understand good. This is a mistake.

There is a change in culture - Positive psychology. (google: “strength space”)

When people were asked how much time of their day they actually spent on their strengths in only 17% (05) 14% (06) and 12% (07) (us only). This is the most important statistic that you need to pay attention to.

3 Skills that you will need.
1 - Believe in the right stuff.
2 - Get in mind your strengths.
Your weaknesses are those things that leave you feeling weaker.
Your strengths are those things that leave you feeling stronger.
(We are good at both)
3 - You have to have a strong week plan. Push time to activate that which invigorates you.

3 Myths that you need to blow up and replace.
Myth 1 - As you grow up your personality changes.
True: As you grow, you become more of who you already are.
Myth 2 - You grow the most in your areas of greatest weaknesses.
True: You grow the most in your areas of greatest strengths.
Myth 3 - A great team member puts his strengths aside and does whatever it takes to help the team.
True: A great team member volunteers his strengths to the team most of the time.

Erwin McManus - Lead pastor Mosaic in Lost Angeles. -

Don’t try to be a leader like someone else.

Vision - Matthew 5:13 Vision casting
Jesus sees the vision in people that only other have given up on.

How many of you would think that the church is a movement of dreams and visionaries?

Create a culture that help you discover your vision

Passion - Mk 11
Stay away from people who such the dreams out of you.

Hanging around Jesus would set your heart on fire.

Callused indifferent is within the church

We need to worship God less than we need to care about humanity.

You can’t get a God given dream without dreaming

Different people are great leaders in different context.

General Colin Powell -

Go though life seeing what’s ahead.

Terrorist cannot change our attitude as a loving people.

Be open, be brave, be unafraid.

Put the people who follow you in the best possible environment.

Set clear goals.

Follower want leader who have a passion.

Recognize the value of every single person in the organization.

Followers are not motivated but they are inspired. Then they will be self motivated.

If you want them to believe in you take care of them.

All they see form you is selflessness.

Moral and physical courage is integrity.

Good followers know who the bad followers are and are waiting for leadership to do something about it.

You will know your a good leader when they follow you out of curiosity.

Essence of all leadership is trust.

Don't’ let the crisis of the moment overshadow the good.

Don’t take council in your fears.