Ezekiel Again

I'm reading in Ezekiel again and saw something that I had never seen before. In Ez. 17 - 19 you can clearly see signs marking the end of time. As for Israel, the end of life, as they knew it, was about to come to an end. They felt that because they were God's chosen people, that they had been spared destruction from invading armies for hundreds of years, because they "worshipped" God at the temple, therefore, they were better than everyone else and deserved to live the unholy life they lived. Here is what I noticed.

- As long as you're a little bit holy and acknowledge God, you can be a little bit unholy and do as you please.
- Unholy leaders will be removed in an unholy and publicly embarrassing way.
- Holy leaders will be branded as traitors and dismissed as ignorant.
- Truth isn't absolute.
- New Age religion (FYI: All New Age religion started in Bablyon) plays a prominent role in the end.

If that didn’t just send a shiver down your spine, then read this.

- We live in a world where sin isn’t an issue to those who call themselves Christian. In a recent ABC News Report. They call repentance of sins a “tradition” of the church, rather than calling it what it is. See the report here.
- Over the last few months, we have seen governors, prominate pastors, senators and others being exposed, not so much for illegal activities, but for immoral behavior.
- Recent attacks on prominate pastors and evangelists (regardless of your opinion of them) lumps fine men and women of God in a category of being greedy, selfish people - traitors to their own faith.
- Truth isn’t absolute, therefore, we don’t trust anyone or anything anymore.
- New Age religion use to be easily identifiable from Christianity. But even that isn’t as easy as it once was as people embrace their “spirituality”. Sometimes it includes Jesus and sometimes it doesn't. It just depends on what situation you are in.


Anonymous said…
Hi Pastor,

Your comments about Ezekiel portray lip service to God. Many people act like good Christians in church but live much differently when not in the presence of the church body.

New age is new age. Nothing new under the sun according to the book of Ecclisiastes.

I think the ABC news clip showed how indifferent people are to the consequences of sin. They might be forgiven but justice still has to be served regardless of the sin because God demands it. I'm so glad His mercies are fresh every day. We cannot exhaust them!!

Mike Scanlon