Buying a printer?

I had an interesting conversation with a HP printer rep. the other day. I was to say, a little bit more than ticked about the printer manf. putting the compatible ink cartridges out of business. He was honest when he said, "Hey! We are in this to make money!" Then I told him that I thought that most manf. of printers were beginning to decrease the amount of ink in there print cartridges now they don't have any competition. He said that is probably true, but that kind of business move is stupid. Then I told him that I was upset over the fact that even when you try to buy ink in bulk, it's no different than when you buy the carts. in individual packs. That's when he guess what kind of printer I use. So after a few minutes he thought about it and said. Ok, pay attention.

A) Never buy the cheapest printer on the shelf. They are designed to use more ink and make you go back to the store more often.

B) Always pick a printer head system that cleans itself by sucking air into the cart, never by blowing ink through it. Some printers use 60% of their ink just for cleaning ink heads.

C) Unless your printing the same thing over and over again, use a system that has individual ink tanks.

D) Buy in bulk, but when doing so remember that if the ink comes with paper, you are only purchasing enough ink for that amount of paper.

E) Never pay retail price for a printer. Someone, somewhere is running a sale.

F) Get a membership at Sams or BJ's, they sell larger bulk packages (more carts.) than your regular office supply stores.